A summary of the toolbox used for these curated works may be found here.


A form of unsupervised machine learning useful in a wide variety of applications. 

Data visualisation

Exploring data and visualising the insights. 


Time-series forecasting considering trend and seasonality. 

Geospatial mapping

Interactive visualisation of geospatial data.

Hierarchical clustering

Unsupervised machine learning looking for hidden structure in “unlabeled” data. 

Interactive web scraping

Web scraping and data visualisation in an interactive web application. 

Intersecting sets

Techniques for exploring and visualising intersecting sets 

Predictive modelling

A form of supervised machine learning. Regression models are used to make predictions based on patterns in the data. 

SPARQL end-point

Using HM Land Registry’s SPARQL end-point to import and visualise house price data. 

Textual similarity

Quantitative textual analysis assessing document similarity and readability. 

Visualising “bigger data”

A technique for interactively visualising and exploring larger datasets. 

Word frequency

Text mining and use of word frequency to enable analysis of planning applications by theme.

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